The Waldheim

Big Moose Lake, NY

Summer 2017 - Week 2

Posted by Keriann Kaercher on 16 July 2017 | Comments

This has been, by far, the best weather we've had this year!  We had four days of 75* and sun!  The other few days were still very warm, but a little cloudy.  Everyone took advantage of the beautiful days...we had kids fishing off the docks and many were tubing and skiing!  

A highlight of this week was the s'more pie!  It brought back memories to some of the adults and inspired some authentic s'more making at the bon-fire!  Yum!

Andrew took the group to Russian Lake for the Wednesday picnic hike.  The kids outnumbered the adults on this trip...but the adults held their own!  Lots of bacon and pancakes were eaten by all.  The gentle smoke rolling through the campground.  The potatoes and onions crackling in the bacon grease...Can you smell it yet?  Are your saliva glands working...?

To finish out the week, Jason took a crowd out for a sunset boat cruise.  A beautiful end to a beautiful week!