The Waldheim

Big Moose Lake, NY

Summer 2017 - Week 4

Posted by Keriann Kaercher on 27 July 2017 | Comments

Week 4 has now come and gone.  There is an interesting dynamic to this week.  Lots of families that are related to each other.  One family has about 25 members to it.  And almost everyone this week has been coming 20+ family has been coming since the 40's!  

This is the week that blows my mind when I think about how much the guest's children have grown up.  My mind goes back to the early 2000's, when I was waitressing here in the summers.  I still think of some of these kids when they were in diapers (sorry if I'm embarrassing anyone!), now I see them and they are taller than I am and have facial hair!  This group of boys, who used to build small houses from the books of matches, then light them on fire and watch them burn.  This group of boys are now going into college and doing as college age boys do.  

This week has made me stop and think about the importance of family.  Family support, family healing, family growth, family environment...  It make me think about the people are family by relation, but it also makes me think about the saying "friends are the family you choose".  I'm not saying one is better than the other, but each is important to a person.  This week, I see the different takes on the word, family.  I see our guests incorporating our staff into water activities and maybe some early morning fire pranks.  I see brothers, sisters, and cousins enjoying games of badminton.  I see kids forming friendships with other kids as they share fishing strategies.  It makes me feel good about the things we do here.  


Now, for a little "off topic"...remember back to Week 1, where a family came up with a new version of The Waldheim song?  Well, this week the guests took it to the next level!  Here is a photo of their creation...

...and when I figure out how to rotate it...I will... ;-)





In my technological website self-education, I am still trying to figure out how to get the video recording small enough to attach to this blog.  When I do, I'll be sure to let you know!