The Waldheim

Big Moose Lake, NY

Summer 2017 - Week 7

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 3 September 2017 | Comments

This week holds an extremely big part of my heart.  This is the week that I met my husband when he was a guest and I was his waitress.  10 years ago... on a Saturday night, I walked out through the swinging doors from the kitchen to his family's table...and the rest is history! 

This week holds some special events, as well.  The annual beer tasting on Wednesday night has evolved over the years.  My husband, Andrew, is thrilled that the IPA's are now starting to hold their own when it comes to the vote.  During this tasting, as each beer is opened and tried, the extra is poured into a swill pitcher.  At the end of the evening, there could be anywhere between 30 and 50 different types and styles of beer in said swill pitcher.  As a newbie, either by age or new to the week, you will be officially nominated to drink the swill.  And therefore, earn your badge as "Swill-Meister".  

A concert is held on Thursday night on the porch of Cedar Lodge.  All different types of lights are strung up around the porch to provide ample lighting.  We are serenaded by the sounds of familiar tunes played on a guitar and a relaxing voice crooning away the evening.  Not to mention, the loosely-filtered whimsical performance by our very own Liz Getty...we'll all cheer to that!

This year, we had a celebration held in the dining room one evening.  Showcasing a 50 year and a 20 year anniversary!  A family organized a slideshow of wedding photos from each guest's wedding who is staying here this week!  This was sooo fantastic!  Seeing wedding photos from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and the last 10 years is amazing!  I love seeing the different styles through the decades...seeing how people have changed (or not changed)...and feeling the love that people have for each other is truely wonderful.