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Big Moose Lake, NY

Wow! It's February Already?!

Posted by Keriann Martin Kaercher on 8 February 2018 | Comments

It's hard to believe that we are already into month 2 of 2018!  It has been a busy month getting deposits in, plugging families into open cottages, and rearranging ones who are trying something new this year.  We have posted some of our availability here on our website.  However, even though our deadline was January 27th, we are still getting deposits in, as well as, cancellations.  Keep checking here or give us a call! 

Our winter here in Big Moose has returned!  In the past seven days we have recieved 4 inches last thursday, 4 inches Tuesday, 7 inches Wednesday, tomorrow we are supposed to get 4 inches and Saturday another 2 inches!  I absolutely love this place in winter...the snow blanketing the pine trees, weighing down their branches...crisp white snowbanks lining the road...the sound of the forest is a peaceful muffled silence, with the exception of a snowmobile or two running up the lake.  It truely is magical!  

Addie and I get outside every few days to play in the snow.  Whether it is taking a snowmobile ride around the trails and to a local restaurant to get her beloved french fries or to go for a walk down the road as she gets towed in the red plastic sled.  She thinks its hilarious when the dogs play in the snow!  Watching Kosmo roll around on his back is giggle-inducing!

Here's to 19 more weeks until we open! 

Here's a view from our house looking out towards the beautiful!

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